End of Life Services

End of life decision-making is incredibly challenging for everyone involved. We are here to help. We understand that this may be the most difficult decision you have had to make in caring for your dear friend.

Our Services Include
  • Arrival at your home at your preferred time
  • Availability morning, daytime, and evening including Sundays.
  • Preparation where your pet is most comfortable: the couch, pet bed, or in your arms
  • Sedation to minimize discomfort
  • Your choice of:

1. Individual cremation with your choice of customized urn or chest

2. Group cremation, with your pet’s ashes buried in a pet cemetery

3. Opting to care for your pet’s remains yourself

4. Transport to Baltimore Humane Society Memorial Park for a funeral, burial, or green burial. *Requires prior special arrangements with Baltimore Humane Society and for Peaceful Passage. Does not include Baltimore Humane Society fees. 

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How We Work

  • After discussing your needs, a doctor will arrive at your home at an agreed upon time.
  • When you are ready, a small amount of a sedative will be administered to your pet in order to eliminate anxiety and need for restraint. This is an excellent time to say your last goodbyes as your pet will gently fall asleep over a period of about 2 to 10 minutes.
  • When you are ready, a small amount of hair will be shaved from the leg, and the euthanasia solution will be given. In a matter of minutes, the doctor will listen to the heart to ensure that your pet has gently passed on.
  • When you are ready, your pet will be placed on a blanket in order to care for the body, unless you elect to care for your pet afterward.
  • If you have selected individual cremation, your pets’ ashes will be ready for pick up in approximately one week.  Alternatively, your memorial item can be shipped to you via USPS  or hand delivered .

Home Euthanasia Only

Includes veterinary home visit, sedation, and pet euthanasia. Additional travel fees may apply.


Service Area Map & Fees


Home Euthanasia with Individual Cremation

Includes customized urn or chest and engraving (see the urns and memorials page)

  • 0-50 pounds     $575
  • 51-100 pounds  $625
  • 100 + pounds    $675

Home Euthanasia with Communal Cremation

Your Pet will be cremated with other pets and ashes will be buried in pet cemetery

  • 0-50 pounds     $535
  • 51-100 pounds  $555
  • 100+ pounds     $595
Your urn will be ready for pick up in approximately 7-10 days. Alternatively, ashes can be mailed for $30 or hand delivered for $50

Please note: depending on your pet’s weight, we may ask during scheduling if you or someone present can assist in lifting your pet into the doctor’s vehicle. If you are unable, we may need to schedule a second person to travel with the doctor and there may be an assistant fee associated with the visit.

Pick Up and Cremation of Your Pet

~Available Sunday through Friday~
Let us help make the passing of your beloved pet easier for you. If your pet passes at home, call or email us. One of our staff members will arrive as soon as possible to pick up your pet, and arrange all aftercare needs.

We will handle your pet gently and with dignity.

Your pets ashes can be picked up, or can be mailed to you (for $30) in a beautiful urn or chest with custom engraving in approximately 1 week.
Hand delivery is also available for $50
Please see our urns and memorials page for selection 


Individual Cremation-  Your loved one will be returned in a beautiful urn or chest with custom engraving

  • 0-50 pounds       $315
  • 51-100 pounds   $365
  • 100-150 pounds $445

Communal Cremation- your pet is cremated communally and his/ her ashes will be buried in a pet cemetery

  • 0-50 pounds       $275
  • 51-100 pounds   $295
  • 100-150 pounds $365
Service Area Map & Fees

Virtual Quality of Life Consultation

A 30-minute discussion with our registered veterinary technician, Mandy Hendl via web or phone to assist you in the end-of-life decision-making process.

We’ll help you to determine what signs to look for to help prevent the suffering of your pet, and how to make the choice of when it’s time. We are unable to prescribe medication with this service.

Complimentary urn of your choice with customized engraving

Photo Urn

Hand Carved Urn

Cherry Urn

Metal Urn

Scattering Tube (no engraving)

No Urn

Customized Clay Paw Print ($40), Ink Paw Print ($15), Ink Nose Print ($15)

Ink Paw Print

Ink Nose Print