Pet Cremation

Pick Up and Cremation of Your Pet

(Available Sunday through Friday)

Let us help make the passing of your beloved pet easier for you. If your pet passes at home, call or email us. One of our staff members will arrive as soon as possible to pick up your pet, and arrange all aftercare needs.

We will handle your pet gently and with dignity.

Your pets ashes can be picked up, or can be mailed to you (for $25) in a beautiful hardwood box in approximately 1 week.
Hand delivery is also available for $45

  • Individual Cremation-  hand carved hardwood chest with custom engraved nameplate

    0-50 pounds       $260  

    51-100 pounds   $300  

    100-150 pounds $380  

  • Communal Cremation- your pet is cremated communally and his/ her ashes will be buried in a pet cemetery 

    0-50 pounds       $175   

    51-100 pounds   $200   

    100-150 pounds $225   

Customizable Paw Print in an Attractive Box $35
with custom engraved nameplate

travel fees may apply-- see our travel radius page