Please see travel radius page - travel fee may apply

  • Virtual Quality of Life Consultation

    A 30 minute discussion with our registered veterinary technician, Mandy Hendl via web or phone to assist you in the end-of-life decision-making process. We'll help you to determine what signs to look for to help prevent the suffering of your pet, and how to make the choice of when it's time. We are unable to prescribe medication with this service.

  • Home Euthanasia Only

    Includes veterinary home visit, sedation, and pet euthanasia. Additional travel fees may apply.

  • Home Euthanasia with Individual Cremation 

    Includes customized urn or chest and engraving (see the urns and memorials page)

    0-50 pounds     $575

    51-100 pounds  $625

    100 + pounds    $675

  • Home Euthanasia with Communal Cremation 

    Your Pet will be cremated with other pets and ashes will be buried in pet cemetery

    0-50 pounds     $535

    51-100 pounds  $555

    100+ pounds     $595

  • Your urn will be ready for pick up in approximately 7-10 days. Alternatively, ashes can be mailed for $30 or hand delivered for $50

  • Please note: depending on your pet's weight, we may ask during scheduling if you or someone present can assist in lifting your pet into the doctor's vehicle. If you are unable, we may need to schedule a second person to travel with the doctor and there may be an assistant fee associated with the visit.