Should children be present during the visit?

It is often very valuable for a child to be present during the euthanasia process so that they have a better understanding of their loss. Children learn from their parents how to handle stress and grief. You know your child best and ultimately will make the decision you think is right for them.

How far in advance do I need to schedule?

Though it can’t be guaranteed, we often make same-day appointments if you reach us in the morning. The majority of our appointments are scheduled within 24 hours of occurring.

Do I need to prepare for the appointment in any way?

If your pet is mobile and comfortable, have them use the bathroom before the doctor’s arrival, but this is not a requirement. Please have a blanket or sheet ready, which will not be returned due to covid. Give your pet lots of love!!

Where should the appointment take place?

Our doctors are comfortable wherever you are comfortable. We have had visits in the master bed, in the bathroom, basement, or outdoors. Currently, with covid, we are somewhat limiting locations for your health and safety.

Should my other pets be present?

Absolutely! We have found this really helps housemates to have an immediate sense and understanding that their friend has gone. This minimizes searching the house and shortens the period of depression that some pets exhibit after a loss.

How do I know it’s my pet’s ashes I am getting?

We have partnered with Agape Pet Services where your pet is tracked throughout the entire aftercare process. Paws-e-Track tracks your loved one with a unique identification number that is electronically scanned at multiple points through the process from our initial visit until the crematory has finalized delivery

Do I need to withhold food/medication prior to the visit?

You do not need to withhold food or medication. Please be aware that just like humans, some pets become nauseated from general anesthesia, and could potentially lose their snack, so it may be best to not give as generous a portion as usual.

Do I need “proof” of sickness, or my veterinarian’s permission to make an appointment?

No. We trust that you know what is best for your fur baby. Our support staff is trained to evaluate incoming inquiries and communicate with the doctor who will be visiting your home to ensure that the needs of each pet family member is met appropriately.

Is the person who comes out a doctor?

Yes. You will be visited by a licensed, highly-trained veterinarian.

Can I use pet insurance?

Many pet insurance plans cover euthanasia for humane reasons and will reimburse you directly for some costs. Check with your insurance provider for more information. While we do not accept direct payment from insurance companies, we are happy to provide the documentation your insurance provider may request for claims you submit.

Will you notify my veterinary clinic?

Yes. If for any reason you don’t want Peaceful Passage to notify your regular veterinary practice, please make sure to emphasize this to our staff.