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Support Staff can be reached Monday-Friday
7am-8pm; Saturday & Sunday

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Our current COVID-19 Protocols:
- Our support staff will ask you a few COVID related questions to protect you and our future clients
- Our doctors are sanitizing carefully between each appointment and will come masked and gloved
- Masks are required covering mouth AND nose for all clients present
- Visits in foyers and entryways are preferred, otherwise, room chosen should be as large as possible, and windows must be opened to increase ventilation

You can still hold and be with your pet, however-
- The doctor may request that clients will step 6 ft back as the doctor gives the medications, and the doctor will keep a 6 ft distance from clients as much as possible
- We request that if we are helping you with the aftercare of your pet that you provide a sheet or blanket that will NOT be returned
- Authorization and payment link will be electronically sent once appointment is scheduled, please take care of these prior to the doctors arrival
- We want you to be comfortable with our precautions- please voice any concerns!!